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What we do?

We're a multi-talented company, based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Its simple, we care about how people see you. We want to help them see you better; see who you really are.

Whether digital or print or outdoor we have partners to leverage our incapacity. You will love our strategies!

How we do it?


One of the important factors in a customer’s decision of whether to use a product is usually the brand’s visual presence, which can help a product stand out from the rest of what the market has to offer.
We like to be incorporated in your strategy..to synchronise with your idea and walk with you to realise them gracefully.

Let’s break it down


All things artwork

We think in pictures.. let us sketch your thoughts and encapsulate them into an image and design that will blow your and your clients mind! Anything within the design spectrum.

  • Sketch-works

  • Artworks

  • Drawings

  • Designs and Designers


Every step you take

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other networks. It is how our world connects today. Don’t get left behind, let the experts help you. It is more than posting and updating your status..

  • Managing Accounts

  • Wonderful Campaigns

  • Lead generation

  • Brand promotion


The internet and you!

Your are running a business in this age, you NEED a website period! We have been developing sites since 2010, and we have grown with the technologies. Talk to us about yours.

  • Website concepts

  • Content Management Systems

  • Site management

  • Upgrades and overhauls


Corporate Management

To be your Brand Creator, Promoter and Protector – Home and Abroad! This is our vision. A name is worth more than riches. How much is yours worth?

  • Brand & identity design

  • Brand Manual

  • Managing consistency

  • Merchandise and activations